Are you tired of looking tired? Chances are, if you are visiting this page, that you have been told you look tired or worn out by well-meaning friends…when in fact you have felt just fine. The eyelids can sometimes make us look tired when we are not.

Plastic surgery of the eyelids is effective for making puffy, baggy, tired eyes look more youthful and (in many cases)…more awake. In particular, it can improve baggy lids by removing excess skin, and it can improve puffiness by removing excess fat. It can lift droopy lids and strengthen weak lids. Cosmetic eyelid surgery (bleph) can even change Asian eyelids to make them appear more Caucasian by redefining the crease of the upper eyelid. With all of these possibilities in cosmetic eyelid surgery, you are probably wondering how much eyelid surgery you need? Eyelid surgery must be tailored to each individual, depending on their concerns and the condition of their eyelids. For example, some people need only to have their lower lids improved, others have their upper lids done, and some have both done. Some have only skin removed, some fat, and some both. Some need a lift of a droopy eye lid, others do not. Your plastic surgeon should design a plan for you that addresses all of your concerns, but does not go overboard. Finally, be aware that eyelid surgery has its limitations and will NOT improve crow’s feet, droopy eyebrows, scowl lines, and hoods that droop down from the outer corner of the eyelids. To improve these problems, you may need wrinkle treatments or a brow lift.

Eyelid Tuck Scars

Scars will fall along your lower lash lie or in your upper eyelid crease and will become imperceptible within a few weeks. In some cases (where fat alone is removed from the lower lids), the incision can be made on the inside of your eyelid. Although this leaves no scar at all on your skin, it does tend to delay recovery by making your eye more swollen.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Length of surgery is usually 30-90 minutes and the Location of operation can be the office or hospital.
Anesthesia is often sedation (twilight) but can be performed under local anesthesia, which means that you receive no sedatives.
Length of stay: This is an outpatient procedure, which means that you go home on the same day. As for discomfort, Expect mild pain, which will be controlled with prescription oral pain medication. After about 3 days, you probably will no longer require prescription pain medication. Swelling and bruising improve within 3-14 days, depending on the extent of surgery. Bandages are not used. You will be instructed to place ice compresses on your eyes for 1-3 days. Stitches will be removed in 2-4 days. Contact lenses may be worn in 7-14 days. Glasses may be worn immediately. Eye make-up may be worn in 7-10 days. You will be presentable in public in 3-14 days with the help of make-up, depending on the extent of surgery. As for Work, you may feel capable of returning within 3-7 days, but your appearance will be the limiting factor. Exercise may be resumed in 2 weeks. Sun protection should be worn for 6 months (SPF 15 or higher). You will see your final result in 2-6 weeks.

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