“Dr. Dean, You truly are a genius in every sense of the word. It takes more than a scalpel and over-head lighting to achieve the type of results you gave me. You are an extremely gifted surgeon who is called by God to bring joy and confidence back into the hearts of your patients. You possess warmth and compassion that has been a life changing experience for me. You’ll never understand the tremendous amount of joy and confidence you have brought back into my life. Thank you so much.”

Jolie Salter

“I am so happy with the work Dr. Dean has done with my face! I am no longer self conscious and hiding behind my hair. I feel like a normal person again, thanks to Dr. Dean. I am forever grateful! And the best part about it, it didn’t hurt a bit!


“Thank you for your excellent work removing my skin cancer and restoring my appearance. Not only my friends and I are impressed, but so are my surgeon, dermatologist, and other doctors.”

Ms. Lopez

” Dr. Dean has given us our son’s face back after this horrific accident. I am extremely happy with the result of his reconstruction and I recommend Dr. Dean with the highest regard.”

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Ms. Davis

“The best doctor I have ever had! You must be an angel”


“I’m extremely happy with the results of Dr. Dean’s fabulous efforts, ethics, and demeanor. He is a very considerate, cooperative, and gentle doctor. If the opportunity arises again to use a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dean is on my speed dial.”


“I have had botox, fillers, and the amazing ViPeel. Theres not a day that goes by that I don’t get a compliment about my skin, and people are always shocked to find out my true age! Dr. Dean is simply the best!”

Jeanette Adams

“I loved my experience with Dr. Dean. He is a wonderful doctor from start to finish. He has been caring and compassionate through and through. His work has been life changing for me and my surgery has done far more for me than expected.”

Dean Plastic Surgery